The joy of work!! Or, when work is no longer work but PLEASURE.

How would it be if you looked forward every day to the joys of working? How would it be if you felt excited each day about going to work?

One of the great things about being a Hypnotherapist is the feeling I get every time a client tells me that the therapy we’ve done together has changed their lives. I always feel a great surge of open-heartedness and love when they say how much their lives have improved as a result of the hypnotherapy or EFT. And guess what? I never get tired of hearing my clients say these things! Each time I am moved by the joy and freedom that therapy has brought to them. Because therapy sets you free!

I’ve been fortunate to have been working as Hypnotherapist for over 25 years, and one of the great things about being a Hypnotherapist and EFT Practitioner is that every day is different, because every therapy session is different. Each client brings their own unique approach to the world, and each client’s problems are different too. In one normal working day I might see someone with a phobia; someone else with a physical problem; someone struggling to come to terms with grief; someone looking to lose weight or become a non-smoker. And the great thing is that because Hypnotherapy has so many applications, we can work with and resolve an enormously wide variety of problems and issues. There simply is no time to become bored or stale and each day brings a constant supply of pleasures. I so often feel re-energised when I’ve enjoyed a really good therapy session with a client and I still get a buzz years later when I think back to some of my most successful cases. Take Lisa for example, a two and a half year old girl who was causing her parent’s considerable distress. Every night, after she’d been asleep for an hour or so, she would wake up screaming, and stand rigid in her cot staring with a terrified look on her face at a spot on the wall. Her parent’s would try to console her but she would continue in this state for some time, her arms and body stiff as she cried and sobbed, all the time transfixed on a spot on the wall. Eventually (sometimes as long as an hour) the panicking and crying would subside and she would calm down enough to be held and comforted, before finally falling asleep. After just one session of EFT, during which I tapped on both Lisa and her mummy, the problem was completely healed! She no longer woke and went into full panics and her parents were able to live a normal life in an evening. More than that, her nursery workers said that she was a different girl after the treatment, much more confident and happily inter-acting with other children in ways that they’d not seen before. Even her hair started to grow properly! How could anyone not get a buzz out of changing a child’s life in such a short time?

As well as this, the exciting challenge of finding solutions for the clients’ issues, when one has so many ‘tools’ in the form of techniques to help them, means that every day is full of energy. No wonder I’m so passionate about sharing my knowledge and skills with people who want to also feel excited about being a Hypnotherapist.