Although in the counselling profession supervision is a requirement for every counsellor to undergo throughout their career, in the hypnotherapy profession it is only a recommendation. Personally I can’t understand these differing viewpoints, as in my opinion supervision is an essential process that ALL Hypnotherapists should experience, if not throughout the whole of their career then certainly in the first few years of their professional life.

Effective Supervision is experienced as supportive and challenging. The supervisee grows both professionally and personally.

Working under supervision means that a Therapist uses the services of another more experienced and qualified Therapist to review their working practices with clients. Supervision also considers the ethical professional development, and often the personal development, of the Therapist. Supervision is a professional service which encourages the Therapist in the process of self-awareness whilst facilitating self-learning which results in ongoing professionalism. It therefore combines supervision with mentoring. The sense of isolation that many therapists experience in their daily lives is also reduced by regular supervision sessions. The supervisor, in this relationship, acts as a consultant.

I like to focus particularly on your skills as a Hypnotherapist and offer guidance in your approaches to your clients’ issues, helping you to develop a wide-ranging strategy to achieve success. I am also able to offer marketing ideas to help you to grow your business. As a result you are able to feel more confident when you are working with your clients and this increased self-confidence means that you feel much more at ease and able to ‘hold the space’ for your clients. You are thus able to let go of fear. You can then be more in the flow in your client sessions, working in a relaxed way and able to move flexibly, intuitively and instinctively.

Supervision as a relationship:

 The quality of the relationship between the Supervisor and the Supervisee is an important, although complex, one. The approaches to Supervision are varied. It is vital that the approach works for the Supervisee.

This important aspect determines the effectiveness and success of the Supervision and the relationship between the two parties. The elements necessary in the relationship are: warmth; trust; genuineness; ethical boundaries; confidentiality; respect (there are a few exceptions to confidentiality, some of which are: when action is needed for suspected abuse; the client may pose a danger to themselves; danger is likely to others; health risks have occurred; the court has ordered disclosures).


The price of this constant improvement of your abilities is much less than you think. I charge only £60 for a one hour Skype session. Sessions can be as often as you like to suit your circumstances – monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly.                                                            


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