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Discovering Your Past Lives Recording

You only live once – or do you? We appear to have lived many lives before, but as we reincarnate the memories of our former lives tend to be buried in the sub-conscious, where they remain hidden. Hypnosis uses the fascinating process of Past Life Regression as the tool to unlock these intriguing memories.

This CD contains two guided past life regression visualisations. They are not for therapy but simply a safe way of connecting back into some of your previous lives in order to see who you were, where you lived etc. Journey back into the past in a relaxed state and find information from your former incarnations, including karmic connections and significant experiences that have perhaps influenced your present life. The first regression track lasts for 38 minutes, the second for 34 minutes.

Please note that this recording should not be used as a form of therapy but simply as an interesting way to access previous lives. Do not play if you suffer from depression or have a history of psychiatric illness.

Price: Download £6.99 or CD Posted £15

Hypnosis For Childbirth Recording

The aim of using this recording is to use the power of your sub-conscious mind in order to create a more natural, comfortable and gentler childbirth experience for both you and your baby. Using hypnosis it is possible to considerably reduce the stress of the birth process, take more control and minimise discomfort. The recording contains two tracks: Track one is a 30 minute relaxation visualisation that will help you to reduce stress and tension and to help you to feel more relaxed on a day-to-day basis. Track two is a 26 minute hypnotic visualisation of giving birth easily and freely, which programmes your sub-conscious mind to create a gentle and positive birth experience for you and your baby.

Hypnosis works beautifully with natural childbirth techniques and there are many benefits to using it for childbirth:

It usually reduces or eliminates fear and lessens pain

Mother and baby are more relaxed during the birth process

It often reduces the need for medication

It often reduces the period of labour

It promotes a speedy recovery

It helps to create positive emotions during the birth process

Giving birth can be a beautiful and gentle experience! This recording can help you to achieve that.

Please note that this recording is not to be used as a substitute for standard medical help and processes, but should be used alongside natural or traditional medical birthing methods.

Price: Download £6.99 or CD Posted £15

Hypnosis for Total Relaxation Recording

This is my highly acclaimed relaxation recording that has been used by thousands of people to overcome anxieties and reduce stress by creating a state of relaxation in the mind and body that lasts long after the recording has been played. Lasting for 32 minutes it contains a hypnotic induction and physical relaxation process which is then followed by a ‘Special Place’ visualisation to allow a state of ease and peace to enter into the mind. This is then followed by powerful post-hypnotic suggestions for total relaxation. The combination of the hypnotic suggestions together with the beautiful background music creates a calming effect that produces a feeling of tranquillity that washes away tension and leaves you feeling at peace mentally and physically. This really is the ultimate stress-buster. Not only will it release everyday stresses and tensions but if played last thing at night will allow you to drift into a beautiful relaxing sleep, so that you can awaken the next morning, fully refreshed, alert, and ready for the new day!

Price: Download £5.99 or CD Posted £9.99


In two volumes, these books contain scripts which I’ve used many times over the years to help clients to overcome their issues. Most of the scripts are many hundreds of words long and are designed to fill most of the time in a therapy session. Prior to publication I’ve re-worked all of the scripts to make them even stronger in terms of the impact they have upon the client’s sub-conscious, and they are a summation of over 25 years’ experience as a Hypnotherapist. If you want to get the best results for your clients you need to buy these books. Both books are available as downloads or as hard copy manuals.

Burgess’ Book of Scripts Vol 1

Volume one is 82 pages long and contains the following scripts:

Special Place Induction

An extremely relaxing induction, which contains a physical relaxation process followed by a deepening visualisation into a beautiful place in nature. Most clients go deep into trance and feel very calm with this induction. Excellent for clients as an introduction to hypnosis, but it is also a brilliant stress-buster and fantastic for overcoming sleep problems.

Weight Management Scripts

Seven very strong scripts aimed at helping clients to change their eating habits in order to lose weight, using a combination of suggestions, visualisations and metaphors. The first script uses Ericksonian language, embedded commands and metaphors; script 2 includes giving suggestions to let go of comfort eating and the family rules that stop people from leaving food when they have had enough to eat; script 3 includes suggestions to feel very positive about losing weight. These 3 scripts are powerful and really effective in terms of creating a new energy in the client’s mind about eating more healthily, doing exercise etc. The next 4 scripts are variations on the above. Two extra scripts, using story-telling and gentle aversion therapy, are aimed at helping people addicted to sugar or wheat to quit eating those substances in order to lose weight.

Physical Issues

Twelve scripts using suggestions and creative visualisations to overcome a wide range of physical problems. These include a general healing visualisation script (for use with any physical issue); a visualisation to release tension in the head, neck and shoulders; a suggestion script to help with PMS; a visualisation to help improve the skin. A particularly lovely and effective script is ‘Choice/Rose’ which is all about creating a positive energy in the mind relating to choosing to be well and then using the metaphor of a beautiful rose to draw out negative energy and transform it into positive health. Then there’s a script to improve energy followed by a powerful Glove Anaesthesia script and after that a visualisation for childbirth. Autogenics is next, a brilliant way to relax the body using the mind which is helpful for many physical issues. Finally there are 2 great scripts for IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).


Thirteen metaphors using creative story-telling and visualisations to help the sub-conscious resolve a wide range of issues: anxieties; lack of confidence; stress; children with depression or anxieties; children with cancer; depression; enuresis; skin problems.

Price: Download £19.97 or £24.99 Posted

Burgess’ Book of Scripts Vol 2

Volume two is 85 pages long and contains:

Induction Scripts

This features 2 Eye Fixation inductions and a Hand Levitation induction.  All of them designed to take your clients into trance gently and easily and to convince them that they’ve been in hypnosis and that something ‘magical’ has happened.

Smoking Cessation

This section is 16 pages long and features my complete smoking cessation programme, which is designed to help the client stop smoking in just one hypnotherapy session with you. It includes information about how the system works together with scripts for the stop smoking session and the recordings which the client plays afterwards. Also there are extra scripts if the client needs a second session, though at least 80% of people are able to become smoke-free in just one session.

Emotional Issues

Sixteen scripts which can help with a wide range of issues. An incredibly powerful Ego-strengthening script is followed by 2 metaphor scripts to create a new, positive life energy in the client. Circles of Light is a fantastic script for helping clients to let go of bereavement grief; then there are two great Confidence Building visualisations and a terrific visualisation called Balloon/Basket (great for letting go of emotional baggage and moving on). A visualisation for building self-esteem is followed by a visualisation for letting go of negative stuff and bringing positive things into one’s life; after this a beautiful Inner Child visualisation aimed at healing childhood wounds. Then 5 scripts for anxieties, nail-biting, agoraphobia and driving test nerves.

Past Life Regression

After an Ideo-Motor Response script there are 3 scripts for regression into this life, both into childhood and into the womb and also anywhere in this life in which traumas have occurred. Then there are 6 past life regression scripts and one for automatic writing.

Price: Download £19.97 or £24.99 Posted

Or Buy Volume 1 and Volume 2 together and save!

Price: Download £35 or £44.99 Posted




Famous Past Lives

This intriguing book is the story of some of Steve’s clients who in regression sessions appear to have been very famous historical characters in their previous lives. These famous past lives include Queen Elizabeth I, her elder sister Queen Mary, one of Jack the Ripper’s prostitute victims, Titus Oates from the Scott of the Antarctic Expedition and William Shakespeare.

Whilst in trance, Steve’s clients give fascinating accounts of their past life alter egos, often experiencing things known only to historians. As they re-live their famous past lives they even provide unknown information, which gives us a fuller insight into the lives of the famous characters, including Elizabeth’s passionate affair with Robert Dudley and the fate of their love child, and Shakespeare’s travels abroad.

This book may be the book that proves the reality of reincarnation, and will be of interest to both sceptics and spiritually minded people.

Price £8.99 (UK only) including postage

Price £11.65 (Norway and Europe) including postage

Price £13.50 (Rest of the World) including postage


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