Would you like to be a more successful Hypnotherapist?

Our monthly webinars are designed to provide high quality training and mentoring at a very affordable price. This means that becoming a better Therapist doesn’t have to cost you the earth!

If you’re a relatively new Hypnotherapist there’s a possibility that you’ll struggle to build a thriving therapy business, and it’s a lonely business being a Therapist in private practice.

Give me one hour of your time each month and I’ll help you to easily become a more successful Therapist without spending lots of money.

Join my Hypno-Mentoring Webinar on the first Wednesday of every month and learn highly effective techniques that will ensure you improve your success rates with clients and you’ll become part of the Lionheart online community of Therapists. Many of the techniques may be new to you; others will give you the opportunity to take existing techniques to a deeper level. Each monthly live webinar consists of me sharing some aspects of Hypnotherapy and going through some techniques.

You also have the opportunity to send in questions about aspects of therapy that puzzle you; ask for help with clients that you’re struggling with; ask advice about therapy techniques etc.

In my capacity as a Senior Qualified Hypnotherapy Practitioner I’ll do my best to answer your questions and point you in the right direction to achieve your aims. 

The Webinar Package

For only £25 you’ll receive not only one hour’s tuition per month (verified CPD by the General Hypnotherapy Register) but also a free training video to help you enhance your skills. Each training video consists of me demonstrating techniques, inductions etc. You also receive a script of each technique. Watching the demonstrations over and over together with the scripts will enable you to perfect the techniques before you practice them on your clients. This means that you will build your skills and abilities as a Therapist. The GHR allocates one hour of CPD per webinar.

One of the worst aspects of most Hypnotherapy training courses is that there is not enough time to practice techniques or watch demonstrations more than once. Also some training courses do not give many techniques and in some cases hardly do any demonstrations or practical sessions. Watching the training videos overcomes this problem. Joining my Mentoring Community allows you to become a better Therapist which will bring you greater success with clients. As such your therapy practice will prosper and so will you.

I’ve built up a wide variety of skills in my 26 years’ as a Hypnotherapist, and I’m keen to share them to help you achieve the level of success that I’ve enjoyed throughout my career.

Some of the webinars are ‘special’ training webinars. These are mini training courses in their own right, giving you a complete training in particular aspects of therapy. All of the webinars and training videos are available for sale on the ‘Steve’s Shop’ page.

CONTACT ME NOW ON: lionheartwebinars@gmail.com

Tel: (UK)  (+44) 07751 449559

(Norway) (+47) 47821082

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