You only live once – or do you? We appear to have lived many lives before, but as we reincarnate the memories of our former lives tend to be buried in the sub-conscious, where they remain hidden. Hypnosis uses the fascinating process of Past Life Regression as the tool to unlock these intriguing memories.

This CD contains two guided past life regression visualisations. They are not for therapy but simply a safe way of connecting back into some of your previous lives in order to see who you were, where you lived etc. Journey back into the past in a relaxed state and find information from your former incarnations, including karmic connections and significant experiences that have perhaps influenced your present life. The first regression track lasts for 38 minutes, the second for 34 minutes.

Please note that this recording should not be used as a form of therapy but simply as an interesting way to access previous lives. Do not play if you suffer from depression or have a history of psychiatric illness.